Comlete the story ----->cathrine[girl] and paul moral[boy] met in chair car no. 9. which was moving towards coke town.........................................................................................................................
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To get to, and from there I regularly used to use the train from Cosham to Coke town station. To get home on Monday morning, I arrived at 11:00 am on Cosham station. It is a fairly remote and dingy station and it was unusual for anybody else to be there at this hour, but a young lady in her early 20s was seated waiting for the last train. She was around 6ft and 4 inches tall, with blonde hair, and was wearing a posh pink dress and was carrying a very large canvas bag, which had a weird pattern on it.I sat down to wait for the train . After a few minutes the lady asked if there was a train as she "had to get back to Coke Town". I told her that I was also waiting for the same train and that it should be along soon. When the train eventually did arrive, she remained seated but became very agitated and began to cry. I told her that this was the last train. I asked if I could help, and suggested that if she got on the train that perhaps we could talk about any problems she had. Meanwhile the guard had got off of the train to point out that this was the last train on that night and that if I was getting on I should hurry really fast!I got on the train, and as it pulled out of the station I could see her sobbing.On the journey home I felt guilty about leaving her, as she was obviously very upset about something. On arriving home at Coke Town, I telephoned the Police at Park Gate and briefly related the story and asked if perhaps somebody could visit the railway station and see if she was ok. I gave a description of her height, dress, and the bag she was carrying. I assumed that perhaps some domestic dispute was the cause of her distress.On arriving home from work the next evening  my mother drew my attention to an article in the local paper, "The Evening News". She knew that I caught the train from Cosham and this article was appealing for witnesses to an accident near that station. I immediately recognized the photograph included in the article as the lady from the previous evening, the description of her clothing, height, dress and bag also matched perfectly. The article was appealing for witnesses to an accident where the lady had been killed whilst walking along the railway lines.... ON THE SATURDAY EVENING.I telephoned the newspaper and suggested that they had confused the dates, and that I had spoken to the lady, they checked and to my surprise insisted that the accident had been on Saturday. I then telephoned the police who listened to my story, and indeed confirmed that I had reported the incident on Sunday evening, however were adamant that the incident had occurred on Saturday.In a subsequent article in the local paper I learned that the lady was called Maureen Hampton, she was a patient in a local mental hospital. She had been allowed out on the Saturday and had been to Portsmouth. Returning in the evening she had missed the station at Consham and got off of the train at the next stop , not being familiar with the area she had decided to walk the short distance back to Cosham along the lines, and been struck by a train.Now, I wish I had remained there! However, I caught the bus after this! I just change the story a bit! NO Catherine and that couch sorry! :(
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Catherine and Paul Morel met in chair car no 9 which was moving towards coketown ... From there Paul Morel start following Catherine because he was in love with her . He follow her so that he could know about her. What is her name? Where she lives ? and much more. At last she reaches her home and Paul starts waiting for when did she come back . He then start asking about her from the children playing there . Then he came to know her name that is Catherine. Actually She also love in love with him when she met him in the chair car no 9 . When she came out he tells what was in his heart. And she also tell him what was in her heart . From that day they both of them live together with a happy marriage life.  
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