As you may know, that a  polar bear lives in the cold, snowy Arctic lands. They are also very famous to be known as  the largest land carnivores. SO how does it adapt to its habitat?
1) Their white fur helps them blend in with the 
snow and ice.WHich means they are camouflaged!

2)A polar bear has a layer of fat under its skin which helps it to stay warm in harsh conditions. It also has a thick layer of fur.

3)The wide, large paws help a polar bear to walk in the snow.So that it doesn't slip or get any further hurts.

4)When a polar bear swims under water it closes it nostrils so no water can get in it's nose and it can get its fishes easily. Hope it helps! 
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They have a thick layer of fur which protects them from the harsh weather. the layer is known as blubber

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