After matching the stick where energies like light and heat energy gone?

Are u speaking about match stick? Do u want to know how it is lit up?
yes my doubt is light energy and heat energy is transformed to what energy
well here's the answer!
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A short thin piece of wood having chemicals coated at one end is know as matchstick.
The head of matchstick contains antimony trisulphide and potassium chlorate .The rough rubbing surface on the side of the matchbox has a coating of powdered glass and a little red phosphorous .When the matchstick is rubbed against the rough surface , some red phosphorousis converted into white phosphorous .It reacts with potassium chlorate in the matchstick head to produce sufficient heat to ignite the antinomy trisulphide and makes it burn.
After that when the matchstick's head's heat go down below the ignition temparature the matchstick stops burning.
The temperature goes down below the startup temperature. so, if no heat, there is also no light.