So many patients are waiting for suitable organ due to failure of vital organs. If we collect organs from brain dead patients in time, we can save peoples life.But lack of awareness on organ donation those who are willing to donate organs and those who need organs do not get proper information even facilities there. Medical persons from government and private hospitals are not informing about brain dead patients. There is less awareness among people about organ donation. society needs much awareness in organ donation,so that we can save many lives who are in need of different organs from donars for their  survival. Instead of living in their memories,let us give them a chance to live in others for more life.
Organ donation is the donation of biological organism of the human is removed from a  humans by surgical procedure based on the donors medical history.many people are waiting for life saving organ transplant. organ donation helps a person to save his life .but because of less awareness in people many people are not coming to donate their organs.we have to make them educate the persons the importance of organ donation.  if we die our organs will be mixed in soil but if we donate those if will help a person to save his life.