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Sorry but i've put an explanation:- I THINK THE ANTERIOR PART OF THE HEART IS WIDER BECAUSE THE HEART COLLECTS PRETTY GOOD AMOUNT OF BLOOD FROM THE OTHER PARTS OF THE BODY WHICH FIRST ENTERS THE ATRIA/ AURICLES , THEN IT ENTERS THE VENTRICLES FOR FURTHER PUMPING. IT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE ONLY IF THE HEART'S ANTERIOR PART IS WIDER, IT WOULD BE ABLE TO COLLECT LARGE AMOUNT OF BLOOD AND PUMP IT WHENEVER THERE IS A NEED FOR QUICK REQUIREMENT OF ENERGY. IF that part would be small I dont think we would be so much active right now. You know that our body is designed so big, our structure is so big, and so, our body has designed such strong mechanism to pump blood all over the body, even there is much friction of blood to the capillaries, veins, arteries, etc.
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Yes. Ventricles offer a larger pressure as they need to pump blood to the organs even very far away from the heart. Hence, the walls of the ventricles are formed thicker. Ventricles aren't wider because collecting more amount of blood isn't the main function of ventricles but the very function of auricles.
yes. But i told that atria forcibly passes the blood to ventricles. SO TO PREVENT ANY CORROSION or damage to septum such that oxygenated and deoxygenated blood of right and left ventricles do mix, the walls at the bottom parts are made thicker. If the walls were thin; due to sudden excitement of the person, the ventricles would burst. (as heartbeat rate will increase suddenly)
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Auricles occupy the anterior part of the heart. The very function of the auricles is to collect as much amount of blood as possible from the respective blood vessels and deliver it to the ventricles. Therefore, the anterior part of the heart is wider so as to collect more amount of blood.
{But the ventricles aren't as wide as auricles because the main function of ventricles is to pump the blood received from auricles to various parts of our body and not just collection as in the case of auricles.Hence the ventricles posses thicker walls but aren't wider}.
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