How does e-ticketing reduce corruption in booking tickets

Dear if u dont mind can check about e- ticketing ques in my profile. Im loggingout now. There will be many ques about e-ticketing but i have answered a ques for debate plz try it... nd sry i cant help u...
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As booking tickets in net is very useful and helpful too. As money is directly transfered into that particular account money does not change to many hands. We can save time and effort. Now booking tickets is at your fingertips making you to save your time.It is at your finger tips to book tickets in net.
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thank u as it is a debate and as it is not confirmed whether i have to say for or against can u pls send some points against e-ticketting pls
E-ticketing has been successful in reducing corruption so my opinion,e-ticketing is safe,easy and effecient to use!!!!!