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Good Morning to one and all present here. I'm here to give you a speech on the topic "Importance of nature".

Everyone knows that nature plays an important role in one's life.The nature I mean include trees and huge water bodies that protect our environment. Are we protecting the thing which is protecting us?I'll surely say no.Just for marks we students speak in school that we should protect nature and so on.But do we really know the importance of nature?Nature is a boon given to us.It protects crores and crores of organisms in Earth.It gives us forests the lungs of Earth.We people smoke and not only destroy our lungs we destroy the lungs of Earth too.The reason we are able to breathe is, it's all because of nature.So friends knowing the importance of nature- LET"S SAVE NATURE AND LET"S SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH.
                                  THANK YOU.

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