A student first wakes up early in the morning getting ready for school. mom chops some citrus fruits and pops a toast in his mouth. she says the same phrase 'hurry up you are getting late for school!' he feels awkward and wants to be left alone. he runs along the roadside and waits at the bus-stop. the big fat bully walks up to me with the other two popular students. he snatches his tiffin and gulps down all his cheese sandwiches. he gets into the bus preparing for his exam. he runs into his class and the coordinator caught him. he was scolded for he ran in the corridor.
he reaches the classroom and the teacher waits for him to be seated. he writes the exam and goes to the washroom. he walks back home when the other school girls walk by. he feels shy and runs home. he slips in a puddle and gets all wet. he gets bashed for his carelessness from his mom for dirtying his clothes.
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the people of all ages have different works and activities to perform in there daily life.

a mother may have to cook and look after the whole family.

a father may have to go to the office to earn living for the whole family.

just like everyone , the students have to go to the school , tuition and also finish their daily home works.

students in real have no freedom.

they have to do all the things that their parents wants them to do.

a student have to get up early in the morning and get ready to go to the school.

in the school they listen and obey their teachers.

in the break time and in free periods we often chat we our classmates.

after coming back from the school we feel very tired so the first thing we say our mother is to bring some food for us.

we have bath and then eat our food.

after the afternoon , we go to our respective tuitions where we study and also complete some of our school home works.

after the evening we usually prefer to watch television.

then we have our dinner and go to sleep by 9.30 pm as we have to get up early in the next day to go to our school.

this was all about a day in a students life.
at this the child becomes really very sad
aftersometime , the same person who scolded comes and pampers the chid.
this makes the child happy as before
i can give only these pionts
pleez thank me