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The poem bazaars of hyderabad is mainly written for the indian people to make them aware about the speciality of indian Goods. she talks about the merchants who sell turbans nd tunics, mirror. In the second stanza she talks about the vendors tht sell cereals like rice. Also about the maidens who sell spice. in the third stanza she talks about the various accessories thzt indian women wear. in the fourth stanza she talks about the fruitsellers and the musicians. last but not the least she talks about the beauty of flowers how they are used to decorate the room for a newly married couple and also how it is used during the funeral of a person.
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In this poem SAROJINI NAIDU describes the beauty of the traditional old bazaar in Hyderabad. she presents the lively pictorial scenes of the fruit sellers ,merchants ,vendors etc of all whom all people bargain for their selling. the poet describes the musical instruments of the magicians and the musicians in the bazzar
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