Change in passive voice
1.He killed a tiger
2.She draws a picture
3.The boy broke two glasses
4..He invites us to lunch
5.Shubhash shows the visitors the fort
6.He has inspected the offices
7.She has instructured them how to do it
8.Police had interrogated the thieves
9.We have maintained a mess
10.We have repaired a chair
11.They had nominated her
12.He has ousted her from the job

1. A tiger was killed by him
2.A picture is drawn by her.
3.Two glasses were broken by the boy
4.We are invited to lunch by him


1.a tiger was killed by him
2.a picture was drawn by her
3.two glass were broken by a boy
4.we are invited by him for lunch
5.the forts were show to the visitors by subhash
6.the offices were inspected by him
7.They have been instructed how to do it by her.
8.the thieves have been interrogated by the police
9.a mess have been maintained by us
10.a chair have been repaired by us
11.she has been nominated by them
12.she has been outsted from job by him

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1. A tiger was killed by him.
2. A picture is drawn by her. 
3. Two glasses were broken by the boy.
4. We are invited to lunch by him.
5. The fort is shown to the visitors by Shubhash.
6. The offices have been inspected by him.
7. They have been instructed how to do it by her.
8. The thieves had been interrogated by the police.
9. A mess has been maintained by us.
10. A chair has been repaired by us.
11. She had been nominated by them.
12. She has been ousted from the job by him.