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Widowed Abdul Rahmat Khan is an Afghani Pathan, After that he sets out to sell dry fruits on the streets of Calcutta. It is here that he meets a young girl, Mini, who lives with her mother and her father, a writer. The mother is overly cautious and will not permit Mini to see Rahamat, while her father permits her to do so. Rahamat sees his daughter in Mini and visits her everyday, pampering her with dry fruits. Then their lives are again turned upside down when Rahamat is arrested by police for stabbing a man to death. He is sentenced to jail. When he is out of jail, he comes to meet Mini but she is a grown-up girl now. She is due to get married on the same day. The sight fills him with a deep nostalgia and he realises that it is probably time for his daughter also to get settled in life. He leaves the place with tears in his eyes and money given to him by Mini’s father. He decides to return home.
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"A Kabuliwala (a small trader in Kabul) comes to Hindustani to earn some money.He befriends a little girl called Mini. Mini's parents are a little apprehensive of their daughter's friendship with the Kabuliwala. But Mini becomes very fond of him, and he likes her also. She reminds him of the little daughter he has left behind in Kabul...[Then he goes to jail for eight years for killing a customer who didn't pay him for merchandise]...When he is out of jail, he comes to visit Mini, but Mini is a
The story tells us about the friendship of a small girl and a elderly man . The small girl was Mini and her parents was very worried about the friendship between mini and the Kabuliwala . they feared that kauliwala would take their daughter away from them . Kabuliwala and mini used to meet everyday and shared their greetings . Suddenly one day Kabuliwala was taken to jail . And on that few years mini grew up and her marraiage was fixed . And on her marraige day Kabuliwala came to meet mini .But mini was very ashamed of him . By looking Mini in her bridal dress Kabuliwala remembered his own daughter in Kabul
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