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GIRISHA NAGARAJEGOWADA : born on 26 jan 1988, also known as girish n.gowda is an Indian athlete.he was born disabled with a left leg. he represented India in 2012 paralymips games held in London in the men high jump f-42 category  and won a silver medal. He also won gold and silver in open para apathetic championship.
C.N. JAANKI: she  was the first ever disabled person who swam the English Channel in 1992 in a relay team; she was afflicted with the disease of polio when she was only 2 years old. She suffered from polio on both her legs. She with her might and grit proved to the world that you do not need to have legs to swim. Though she suffered from polio on both her legs, she successfully swam the English Channel and made her relay team proud. She is famously known for this feat, which was previously believed to be impossible, she is an inspiration for many today.

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