Hi , I have created powerpoint slides on internet.I need some good points to explain to all in my college.can any help me with this question ??

explain wt u hav writen in the ppt sushmitha
its tuff to say .
actually i have that file with me but when i post i cant get it .


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HEY add when it started
ADD graph to compare the user in1970 and 2014
what changes does it bring
and add some transition and animation effect in thisĀ 
make it more creative
i like your concept of putting images after textual presentation
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oh .it's not allowed for us.
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only we gotta explain it
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tell your audience the topic you are going to present. ask them their view on the topic.

you can ask questions in the middle to make sure that they are paying attention. explain each and every points and point out any person to repeat the pints you have already explained .explain using easy words s that it would be more interactive. explain your concept about the topic and relate with good examples.

hope I helped u.....

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