Alagu choudhary was a good friend of him but at the last moment he did what he thoght  is right


Jumman Sheikh and Samjhu Sahu both were very good friends and a bond of trust between them.But Jumman Sheikh used her khala(aunt) for her property,in order to take her property he took care of he rkhala very nicely but as the papers were signed and khala's property belonged to Jumman.He started living in his world and not takng care of her khala,also not giving her food and in exchange he would say her bitter words which she didn't liked.Khala wanted justice so she went to they sarpanch and a panchayat was held.Aalgu choudhry was chosen as the sarpanch.Being Jumaan's friend he did the decision in favour of khala saying that if Jumman will not give khala proper food required then khala's property willn't belong to him anymore!
That was jummun who ill treated his aunt
but he thoght that at court he will be going to win the case but he lose it