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Advantages and disadvantages of a nuclear family are-

advantages;- There are a number of advantages for having a nuclear family. Let's take a look at a couple of them, now.In today's traditional nuclear families, it is common to have dual incomes. Both parents work to providefinancial stability for the household, creating a larger cash flow to supply the basic family needs of housing, food and healthcare. Financial stability also allows the parents to provide additional extracurricular opportunities for their children, such as music or athletic lessons. These opportunities allow children to flourish socially and develop a higher level of confidence.

Disadvantages :- The Father and mother, if both is going to work then in that case they have to leave their child or children alone or to be baby - sitted, where the child grows away from their family values. More towards the baby-sitter values . Maybe the child can even be abused. 
I hope you are not an abused child. And it looks like u are a nuclear family & u have ur own privacy.

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