it makes people not doing some work that includes physical labour.Education makes people more proud. As a result they don't respect elders and illiterate people. and education decreases the importance of family relationships in one's life
Education is a very important part of our life.every parents wants his or her child to helps ue to make a good career of also helps in makin the society more advanced.we can earn money b6 doin jobs to survive on this world.but there are also adverse effects of education and they are a lot of pressure o children which does nos not allows us to go to a trip or enjoy ourselves.the parents have word hard and look after the children.they have to bring all the neccessary materials whi
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there are only some adverse effect of education
1)one can not follow their dream as they are busy in education which they dont like
2)it creates discrimination between people who got high marks and low too rather than looking their talent in other field