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•   Confidential reports 
•   Not for any external group mainly for internal management needs 
•   Can be categorized as statistical reports, special reports and performance reports. 
*organizational  policies  and procedures.
-These are the operating documents for organizations; they contain rules and regulations on how the organization and its members are expected to perform. Policies and procedures are like instructions, but they go much further. 

*Feasibility, evaluation, recommendation reports. 
-This group of similar reports does things like compare several options against a set of requirements and recommend one; considers an idea (plan, project) in terms of its "feasibility," in terms of some combination of its technical, economical, social practicality or possibility; passes judgement on the worth or value of a thing by comparing it to a set of requirements, or criteria. 
•   Technical background reports. 
-this type is the hardest one to define but the one that most people write. It focuses on a technical topic, provides a certain background on that topic for a specific set of readers who have specific needs for it. This report does not supply instructions, nor does it supply recommendations in any systematic way, nor does it report new and original data. 
•   Primary research reports. 
-This type presents findings and interpretation from laboratory or field research. 
•   Technical specifications. 
-This type presents descriptive and operational details on a new product.