Evidence of a Democratic system of government in India is originally found in the Vedas.There is distinctive evidence from Rig Veda, which mentions a thriving republican form of Government in India. We may quote a few beautifulslokasfrom Rig Veda which were to besung in unison at the beginning of the republican assembly -“We pray for a spirit of unity; may we discuss and resolve all issues amicably,may we reflect on all matters (of state) without rancor,may we distribute all resources (of the state) to all stakeholders equitably,may we accept our share with humility” - Rig Veda - 10/191/2However, in the absence of any corroborating material evidence because of a pre historicnature of this source, most western historians tend to dismiss this foundation and insteadinclined to concentrate on the Buddhist period of Indian History, which they believe hasmore reliable sources of corroboration. Moreover, the Buddhist period was contemporary tothe Greek city states and their republics, which make it easier for them to accept. A Vedicorigin indicates a time period which preceded the Greek City States by a very wide margin,telling on the western pride in Greek Civilization as the fountainhead of all modern learning.