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Waste cannot be simply thrown away anymore, now it must be managed. Are you aware that you are throwing away many materials that could be saved? If we did simple things like reusing glass, we could reduce our municipal landfill sites by almost 10 percent. Although managing our trash seems to be the "in thing"to do, it is hardly convenient . Let's face the facts, sealed toxins "won't affect us for a good twenty years". Although this may be true, there are still many advantages to waste management. Today, more people are in favour of companies who invest in "green products". As a result, companies have removed phosphates , bleaches, and have made their paper products out of recycled papers.Many people think they have done everything possible, such as recycling in their homes, schools or work place but deep down, however, we must all realize there's more to recycling than simply setting out your recyclables at the curb. In order to make recycling economically feasible, we must buy recycled products and packaging. When we buy recycled products we create an economic incentive for recyclable materials to be collected, manufactured, and marketed as new products. Buying recycled has both economic and environmental benefits. Purchasing products made from or packaged in recycled materials saves resources for future generations.Although recycling can divert large portions of municipal solid waste from disposal, some waste must be placed in landfills. Modern landfills are well engineered facilities that are located, designed, operated, monitored, closed, cared for after closure, cleaned up when necessary, and financed to insure compliance with federal regulations. The Federal regulations were established to protect human health and the environment. In addition, these new landfills can collect potentially harmful landfill gas emissions and convert the gas into energy.
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