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It means that the mass can neither be created nor be destroyed..and when u balance any chemical reaction,then it is important for u to balance out the atoms u balance the reactions always because even though during a chemical reaction even though different atoms rearrange themselves but their mass is very important to be remain conserved,
this is the major importance of law of conservation of mass....
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The law of conservation of mass is important in chemical calculations.the law states that the mass of the reactants is equal to the mass of the other words no mass can just disappear.lets say you a witness of tree burning see a big tree that weight 300 pounds exactly(theoretically).when the combustion reaction is completed you see a pile of ashes that weights 10 seems that the tree is somehow reduced to 290 pounds.but the smart scientist you are, you realize that according to the law of conservation of mass,the reactants mass must be equal to the products,we can conclude that the missing 290 pound of mass is released into atmosphere as smoke and that is why ash weighs only 10 pounds its not because tree has lost its weight by burning or combustion.discovery of law of conservation of mass helped to turn chemistry into the respectable science it is today.the law of conservation of mass is very important to the study and production of chemical reactions.if scientists know the quantities and identities of reactants for a particular reaction, they can predict amount  of products that will be made.chemical manufactures can increase the efficiency by applying the law of conservation of mass to their laboratory practises.when we balance equations, we need to make sure that the same number of atoms of each element is present on each side of the equation.the reason for this is that during a chemical process,the atoms rearrange,but aren't either created or a result we can say that the law of conservation of mass is important in chemical calculations.

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