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 Saturday 08 November 2014                                                                                   12:10

dear diary,

you know I had really an amazing and a wonderful trip to jaipur with my parents and friends. I had been just waiting for an opportunity to go to Jaipur THE PINK CITY. i was just amazed when i entered the streets of jaipur. beautiful ladies with nice bangles and anklets withpots on their heads and it was like a heaven on earth. we felt hungry after some time and decided to eat. all decided to go to anapurna restaurant .oh !!!!!my I still have the taste of the dal batti churma, mava kachoori, ghewar, mirchi bada and rajasthan subji. I wouldn't leave my dad until he got me an ice cream . the place was terribly hot. we saw the hawa mahal built by maharaja pratap singh.beautiful place! and I have no words to say about  jantar mantar. the next day we returned back..

hoping for much more tours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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