Karthik: How are you Selvam.
M.A.Selvam: Fine karthik.Do you know that 50 classroom desks are broken every                       year? 
Karthik: Is it? I am not aware of it.It's really a serious problem.
M.A.Selvam: What do you think the reason would be?
Karthik: It is not only the problem with table.
M.A.Selvam: (interupting) Most children are not careful in handling school properties.
Karthik: that's what I you said carelessness is the reason.
M.A.Selvam: What do you think about tackling this?
Karthik: Before talking of tackling them, This may look simple, but is really a serious issue.
M.A.Selvam: Yes. If the situation goes on the management would face a loss.
Karthik: And it is not a good character and to be taken care by teachers.
M.A.Selvam: Students can be made aware by conducting a seminar on the issue.
Karthik: Students can go on rallies to make the students aware..
M.A.Selvam: Yeah! Let's go for a ride.
Karthik: Let's get on our cycles.