They will change their place from one area to another for a productive land. They will also take alluvial soils for their land, where gold is mined. So you cannot mine for gold, too.
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D ques is about how education../ litetacy for a farmer could be disadvantage? Its not about without literacy how a farmer get disadvantage
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arguing for fertilizers is democratic right. it is not a disadvantage.

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There are many advantages of literacy for farmers. They can understand better the farming techniques. they can read about fertilizers. They can read newspapers. They can interact with scientists.  They get more communication skills.  They can avoid cheating by intermediaries.

But as far as disadvantages are concerned, there cannot be many.  Many farmers may leave the profession of farming and cultivation. They may want to do other jobs.  The traditional ways of living and relations may change.  Some farmers may be come very proud and behave badly with their neighbours.

Disadvantages will be very less as compared to advantages.