Gas leaks can occur from defective rubber tube, faulty regulator fitting and poor handling of gas appliances. Leaving the cooking unattended can cause the vessel to overflow, which in turn douses the burner and causes gas leak.

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LPG accidents happen mainly due to negligence of consumers ie., people.  Due to shaking or fall of cylinder from height may trigger blast.  It may be due to wear and tear in the rubber tube because it is old.  It may leak through pores in it.

It is possible that some people may forget to close the knob and light a match stick or the lighter.

If there is a lose connection between the regulator and the cylinder, an accident may happen.

Due to unawareness of the precautions to be taken in handling the LPG also is one cause.

After many years the metallic tubes in the gas stove may rust and develop pores and leak gas from there.  One should replace old stoves.