April 1st is celebrated as april fool's day every month.We play pranks with our freinds and try to fool them.Once my freinds fooled my and tricked me ,it was so unexpected that i was quite surprised and i wouldnt forget it any day.One april fool's my freindscame as usual and invited me for playing as usual , when i accompanied themthey suggested why dont we get some sweets for ourselves from the super market was not at all unusual as we used to do this on days like this. my freinds told that they were all very exhausted and requested me to go and get it. the supermarket was quite far and i had to walk a long distance.finally when i reached there i found the supermarket closed. i was awestruck as the supermarket usually opened on everyday;except for sundays,and then sadly i realized that this was a sunday and that i had been fooled really well as it was april fool's.not knowing what the consequences will be i slowly walked towards our street, embarassed and ashamed to face them.when i reached there even though they laughed a bit,  my freinds did not humiliate me. instead they offered me the chocolates they had already bought before and we went back to playing after having a good laugh on the incident.
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