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(In a school...
It was the second day of the school but the classes had begun.
Class 7...

The teacher taught the students about cleanliness.)

TEACHER: Students so you all should know to keep your surrounding clean.

(The teacher had told the children that the children should attend the prayer without fail. But one day Ravi misses the prayer.

In the class...)

TEACHER:(calls the class leader Ramesh) Ramesh who didn't attend the prayer?

RAMESH: Sir...(Ramesh hesitates to say that Ravi did not attend the prayer.)

SURESH:(ho was jealous of Ravi stood and..)Sir Ravi did not attend the prayer.

TEACHER: Ravi before I punish you tell me why you did not attend the prayer.

RAVI: Sir you always say us that cleanliness is next to godliness. Before I came to school today the students had already left for the prayer.When I started for the prayer I saw the class untidy, so I stayed in class and cleaned the class.

TEACHER:Very good Ravi and Suresh don't blame anyone unnecessarily.Students you all should learn many things from Ravi.

(Suresh felt ashamed.)

(Just like Ravi in the skit we should keep our surrounding,no no the whole country clean.) 

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(At a local tea stall). Person 1: nowadays the government is not working properly. There are lots of lazy government employees who dont work at all. Lots of dirty stuff going on. Lots of corruption too. blah blah blah.... Person 2: Yes... and they get high salary and pension too.. blah blah blah... (The drink tea and eat chips. They throw the cup and cover on the road itself in spite of the presence of a dust bin. A small boy who has left the school and saw this happening, picks up thecups and covers and threw it in the dust bin. ...) Boy: dont blame others when you are yourself not perfect enough to be an energetic and active citizen. Keep your surrounding clean before you talk about the cleanliness of government..
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