It was night time when my mom tucked me in bed and she left the i fell asleep and and i heard a noise coming from my closet then scream to my mom so my mom came in the room and found me crying then she calm me down i went back to sleep. but the noise came back then i jumped out of my bed and went to my mom room so the noise won't bother me again so my mom made me go back to my room and get in my bed and count 100 sheep and you will be asleep before you know it so i count 100 sheep and it work, but that noise came back louder and louder so i got out of my bed and open my closet door and nothing was in there but my clothes and my toys so i was thinking that my toys were on and forgot to turn them off but they were not on so i got really i went in the hall way so i can my dad's TV so i went downstairs to see dad and put me me on his lap and he rock me to sleep and he snuck me in the bed  then the noise came back louder and louder i scream again and cried so i stayed up all night.
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