Shanshrivastava i am pretty sure that you aren't clear with the explanation so i simply it:- Habour process is used for manfufacture of ammonia(NH 3). To maek ammonia Nitrogen and hydrogen in ration 1:3 by volume are taken. For obtaining nitogen. liquification of air is done,whereas for hydrogen is taken from bosh process. after collecting and purifying above gas they are lead to compressor pump where at a atm on 200-250 is maintained then it is lead to "electric ppt for catalyst oxidation"
where this reaction take:-
N2+H2 reverible sign NH 3 +heat ( catalyst Fe)
After that it is condesed and passed through cooling pipes next step is that it is liguifies in order to remove unreated H2 and N2 and then unreacted consituent are again led to comprssr where same stpes are folowed .


Haber process is also called habeour-bosh process.In this Nitrogen and hydrogen are made to ract in order to form ammonia.It envolve various steps such as colection of constituent gas and then there reaction and then making them react ubder specifiy condtion and many more that all