I think that..yes, E ticketing is an effective way to reduce corruption. No need to give extra money to other agents for making the tickets. This is how E-ticketing is an effective way to reduce corruption.we can sit in our home and book the tickets without making any effort and parents don't need to stand on long lines hence e ticketing is useful for reducing corruption.and it reduces curroption in many ways...hope my answer will help u friend.;)
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       E-ticketing in India has reduced corruption.  We book railway, flight and bus tickets through the e-tickets. Tickets for many reality shows or international sports and games and cinemas are available via e-reservation.  During e-reservation we pay some nominal charges for the service.

     Long ago the tickets were reserved manually.  During that time, during heavy rush periods (like holidays), the agents or clerks or the inspecting persons could charge extra money for giving ticket/reservations ahead of others.
    The payment is done automatically through electronic transfer of money from one account to another.  So there is little chance for any agent or person to take bribes to book a ticket.  We can directly book on the computer at any convenient time.  Hence, the corruption is controlled.

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