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1)You have to have a little drama into your debate.Lets take for example, the topic is about Indepandence, then you have to have a sad mood and not a cheerful voice.Matching your mood means your going good in your topic. 
2)Keep an eye on your audience! After all, they are the people judging you so maintain eye contact on everybody!
3) Stand in one position. So that you stop swaying and also remember to keep your feet joined!
4)Take a deep Breath! Or you may lose your confidence!
5)Speck Slowly, Loud & Clearly. it should be audioable to everybody!
6) Dont Hesidate, believe in yourself you have prepared it!
7)Don't move your hands frequently. Only to illustrate move it when needed.
8) Stay in your topic.Example, your 'for' the topic so only stay 'for' the topic not against it!
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btw itz independance my fault.
and speak,

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    Debate an argument based speeches in support of and against a given topic. It is participated by two or more persons.  The objective is to raise all points in favour of and against a controversial or undecided issue.
  The emphasis is on the thinking ability, influencing the audience with your confidence, fluent speaking, questioning ability, reasoning, defending yourself and attacking the other participants.

   You have to choose one side of the topic.  Think of positive points and explain the importance of them.  You have to show your views outweigh and score over the other's arguments.

    During preparation, note down some important quotes from any language or culture, possible attacks on you from others, any data to support yourself.  Note down some high powered challenges you can through at others.
   The arguments should not taken as personal and be sportive.  Feel free and do not show nervousness.  At minimum, the reasons to support your points must be well thought of.   Accept the good points of the others, but show your points are better.

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