Gadgets are Cell phones,Tablets,Laptops,Computers etc.are known as gadgets. In olden days these gadgets were not their so people use to meet alot with each other.And they use have alot of affection with each other.Now everything they are doing using their gadgets.They are busy in chatting ,etc.They are not finding much time to meet thier relatives.And its affecting very  bad on their relations they should use gadgets but at that same time they should do their other works may see the picture a baby  can also control a tab.

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Influence Of Technical Gadgets on Human Relations             

Our modern world has invented many gadgets for our needs, requirements and profits.
Such inventions are Television for entertainment and knowledge , Fridge for keeping food cool and for long time, Air conditioners for cooling the room more easily , induction for cooking food faster etc. These all are the necessity of a common man. He gives money to buy it. But anyone thinks that with the help of these gadgets we became inactive in nature , idle and time consuming beings. We get so busy in these gadgets that we forget any relation. People did not help each other. Don't respect the feeling of others. Also sometimes abuse him/her. Due the influence of gadgets the relations become hollow.
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