Tenali Rama was the court jester of the great king, Krishnadevaraya, who ruled the Vijayanagra kingdom.
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tenali raman was a telugu pot who was vikatakavi.he was one of the ashtadiggaja of the eight poets of krishna devaraya.,the Vijayanagara empiror.he is generally known for his wit and humour.
sorry its poet
tenali rama was a minister for the ruler of vigayanagara krishnadevaraya

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Tenali Raman  or Tenali Ramakrishna was a poet (kavi) in the court of the King Sri Krishna Deva Raya of Vijayanagara kingdom in South of India.  It was a golden era for the Telugu language and Andhra culture.

He lived during the 16th century.  He was a great poet. He wrote a number of Kavyas. He wrote an epic Panduranga Mahatyam.  He was a jester poet (vikata kavi).  He helped the emperor Raya with his wisdom and was one of the reasons for the name of the kingdom to spread across.  He was one of the eight Ashta Diggajas.  He was a telugu Brahmin and Kali devotee.   He was from Guntur district.

He was supposed to have helped solve many tricky and tough problems faced during the court every day.  He was a great scholar in Telugu and Sanskrit.  He even approached Akbar to seek help when enemies (Bahamani sultans) were planning to war on them.