My science class is awesome. It includes fun and learning in a single package. The reactions of the chemicals are as good as my friend's reactions! The way you get the reaction is so unbelievable! And it's so natural. Everyone likes science, as it can be understood if you know the meaning of the formulas and the variations. And it's such a vast subject, you ought to have a 'favourite' part of it! There are three different subjects in science, mainly physics, chemistry and biology. Physics makes you understand the logic behind those amazing machines and is all about the working of the machine. Chemistry is the subject where you have a lot of reactions and beautiful natural reactions. It is a very interesting subject for those reaction - amusers. And at last, biology. It is the beautiful subject which deals with nature, plants and animals. You can have a whole lot of fun in the circle of nature. You can see the beautiful earth - god's masterpiece. Well, science is a very beautiful subject where one you come, you can't take your eyes off!
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science is a catagory combined of four subjects .
these four subjects is mathematics . biology , chemistry and physics.
in my school , mathematics classes are held everyday.
biology classes are held thrice in a week , chemistry classes are held , twice and physics classes are held four days in a week.
these classes are taken by different teachers.
biology is taken by mrs . R . Banerjee , chemistry is taken by Mrs.S. roy , mathematics is taken by Ms.P. Chakraborti and physics is taken by Mrs .S.Singh.
i love all the science subjects.
so i like to attend all the classes and honestly i have never been absent in any of these classes.
teachers also appreciates me for my hard work which is great encouragement for me.
in these classes i get to learn many new things and i have a great hunger for knowledge.
i usually ask for for explanation on different chapters which in turn makes the understanding of the chapters very easy.
i am still wanting to learm more about these subjects and i hope that this hunger for knowledge of mine will never finish.