Gurpurabs are very amusing and is a important celebrations when it comes to the Sikhs. Gurpurab either  marks the birth or death anniversary of the Sikh Gods(ie- Guru Nanak DevJi) . Sikhs on these days gather at their house or mostly at the Gudwara(Religious place for Sikhs like the Mandir) to remember their gurus. This celebration is celebrated all around the world, wherever the Sikhs live. 

The word “Gurpurab” came from Sanskrit. Gur in this means "Guru"(as you may know) and Purab came from the Sanskrit word parva, which means festival or celebration.

Gurpurab only lasts for three days, depending on what Gurpurab it is. If you would go and observe a Gudwara. You are definitely to find a Akhand Path. Some people even conduct this at their houses as I mentioned above. The first day will be celebrated by reading the holy book of Sikh, “Guru Granth Sahib” for uninterrupted 48 hrs or else your not actually considered holy!!On the second day,Sikhs rome around the city chanting holy hymns.Plus, the more you walk with lanterns, the more food you get! On the third day, at Gurdwaras kirtan and special assemblies are conducted to throw light on the lives and teachings of the gurus followed by Langar(the place where you eat food at the Gurdwara) served to everybody.
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