Your grandma is special because she cares for u love u ....narrates stories to u and best part of her is that she is like a friend to u can without any doubt go and share something personal with her which u cant with someone else........
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I find my Grandma special because of many reasons.
1)She doesn't judge anybody! That's one of the inspirational thought I learned from her. She sees everybody from equal eyes, she doesn't compare me with my brother.

2) Every Sundays, mu grandma always goes t the local bazaars where she distributes her own made food to every single shop keeper. She even donates unwanted clothes to the beggars and always makes sure that children get the right amount of chocolate when it's Halloween!

3)She is the real entertainer in our family! She cracks jokes which we don't find humors but laugh on it to give her company. She even takes care of our family and she also discuss all problems in our family. She used to call me 'Moti' because I was really fat when I was 3.

4) We always used to do running races on competing who can run faster. She some how used to win which used to make me really jealous. Though, I still wonder how she used to do that?

5) Whenever it used to be my friends birthday party, she was the person who used to make me glamorous and fashionable at the party. So she was actually a fashion designer in some way.

6) My Grandma used to consider me her 'best friend' and I was proud of that post. Whenever it was my birthday she would give my favorite gifts.

I love her so much!!! She isn't here any more but I still miss her...and her knitting kit :P

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