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Root Out the Cancerous Corruption before It Consumes You.

Corruption is Cancer. Eradicate before it Spreads all Inside of Us.

Vaccine the Viral Corruption ! Your Honesty is the Medicine !  Save the Country before It is Eaten Up All.

Eradicate Omnivorous Corruption and Catch the Corrupt !!  Honesty - Only way to Clean and Healthier India.  

Save Our Country from Being inflicted with bribery.

Cut Bribes, Cut the Corrupt, Live Honest, Or, the Corrupt will Corrupt you.

Rishwat na do,  Rishwat na lo,  nahin to, ek din Suraj bhi rishwat mang na le subah roshnee dene ke liye.. 

Root out Corruption, Or even the Sun may learn to ask a bribe for giving light.

Brashtachar  Band   Karen,  ya to  naash  hone  taiyaar ho jayen.

corruption is just like viral fever and it can catch us in no time.

if corruption isn't rooted out , it will surely root in us before we can understand anything.

corruption will surely finish this world if we do not root it out.

we don't need to to think about the whole world , we can just do small contributions to root out corruption as fast as possible so that it cannot root in us.