Date: 5 november 2014 
time :9am
dear diary
introduction:today i saw kalam bieng defamed in the classroom

body:today i saw the teacher inducing  shame to kalam in our class since he didnt complete the homework given to him by her  i saw kalam feeling powerless he was a great lad bubbling with happiness but little lazy but today he was like a goat in the butchers hand  he was made to stand out and he was beaten ruthlessly  and was taken to the headmaster i was really shocked and felt sorry for his poor state but alas what can i do she is the teacher and has the right to punish students for wrongness

conclusion:though this day was a day of disgrace for kalam he would have learnt to do homeworks regularly from this day it was a day a day for breaking his laziness and to redeem himself from laziness 
with love :jkl (your name)
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