Diary entry-imagine that you were one of the students who witnessed the humiliation done to kalam in the classroom.Reflet on the incident and write your emotions in your diary?

There are two incidents regarding the humiliation done to Kalam-1. He was beaten badly by his teacher for not doing homework. 2. He was seperated by a hindu teacher from his friend Ramanandhan. I know the second incident but about which one do you want me to answer?


Dear Diary,                                                                                        10.00 pm
               Today was the most shocking day of my life,  I cannot tell you how much sad I'm feeling, I should not feel sad but still I cannot control my emotions! Do you remember about the boy I always mention about- Kalam, Oh! he is the most genius student of our class. He has a best friend named Ramanandhan. Both are really good friends and also their families have a good relationship with each other. Inspite of their religion both of them were the best friends and always supported each other. But today something happened that made me feel really disappointed.
               Today the most exciting part of our school life was that a new teacher came to our school (but this excitement lasted for a while)! The teacher was a HIndu, a Brahmin. He entered the class and took a quick look a all the boys. Strangely, he was not interested in the bright eyes and eagerness of the children, he just came in the class and sat down. Just then his eyes stopped to see Kalam and Ramanandhan. He saw Kalam's cap and Ramanandhan's tuft and his face became expression-less, as if the surrounding became  before the arrival of the cyclone. Immediately, he demanded to know his name and when he told him that his name was Kalam he told him to gather all his things and go to the last bench without any reason. Feeling of sadness and humiliation were seen in the eyes of Kalam. Ramanandhan was in tears. I wonder why this happen?
             I don't know what happened next but I'm sure Kalam and Ramanandhan will not stay silent. Our new teacher should not do this, he is the one who spreads the light of knowledge but not the darkness of seperation. I'll tell you what happened after the class tomorrow. Nice to talk to you dear Diary! Now I'm feeling better and I'm surely going to help both the friends!
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