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Concave mirrors are used in reflecting telescopes, catadioptric lens systems, headlamps, automobile headlights, solar cookers, shaving/cosmetic mirrors, and spotlights (like the bat signal).
Convex mirrors diverge the rays of light that hit them, so their focal lengths are negative. This is helpful This is confusingConvex mirrors are found on the sideview mirrors of cars, in convenience stores, in hospital hallways and in the stairwells of subway stations. Their advantage is that they give a wide angle of view.
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Concave mirrors .

1.Dentist's mirror
2.Reflector in the car headlights
3.Lid of a cooking utensils.
4.Caving side of a spoon
6.Shaving mirrors .

Convex mirrors

1. Electric bulb.
2.Curving side of spoons
Used as rear-view mirror in vehicles.

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