First of all what is money : money is a wonderful invention,creation made by man. Money came as an alternative for barter system. Withoutmoney our life is nothing,with money our life is everything.use and spend money safely there r so many out there who cannot survive even a single day without money... THIS HOPEFULLYMIGHT BE HELPFULTO YOU .
money is important for surviving on this world.

it is the basic need of all the people living on earth.

life is just impossible without it.

we need money at every minute of our life.

we all are studying at our teen age so that we can get god jobs when we grow up.

jobs will help us to earn money.

which will in turn help us to improve our life.

we can eat good food , wear new clothes , live in big apartments only if we have money.

so as a fact money is our best friend in the 20th century.