yes,  e  ticketing  is  very  helpful  in  reducing  corruption  because  there  is  no  chance  of  mistakes . 

the  payments  are  done  by  net  banking  and  the  money  is  taken  from  our  respective  bank  accounts. 

we are also receiving an online bill which we can print as a proof.

we do not have to stand in lines for hours.

we can our tickets in just some seconds.

sometimes there are chances of frauds.

the money is refunded very late.

in this process , we cannot know the people who is taking money from us and they can be hackers as well.

this reduces the crowd in the  booking offices.

what can a very busy person do?

specially those people who is working all his / her work using the computer.

the only way for them is e - ticketing.

e-ticketing is helping them a lot to save their valuable time and utilize it in his/her work.

e-ticketing is helping these busy people in this way.

there is no time for devoting in booking tickets by standing in the line for hours.

so it is a very easy way for booking tickets.

how can people know that they are not being cheated?

they should read the terms and conditions properly to avoid such situations.

in a whole , e-ticketing is really helping to reduce corruption.

what can a very busy person do?

specially those people who is working all his / her work using the compute
i mean dat like need fr 3 min yr...
u can add ur own points as well
i have given all that i can give

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E- Ticketing is an useful way of reducing corruption because in E- Ticketing the specific and required amount of money is transferred from our accounts in any bank. So the officials will not have a percent chance to make any profit of their own.
We can also have a print out proof of having made a payment through the Internet and there is no chance of us being made fool.
The money is handed over directly to the Agency and we do not have to bribe any agent for a ticket.

But that does not mean that E-Ticketing has no disadvantages.
There are over many sites which are frauds,i.e., they take your A/C number and extract more money than required.
Some sites are duplicates,i.e., they are not genuine. They take the required money and however use it but do not book it.