2x2-5x – 3 Multiply 2 with -3 we get -6 .which number we get the while add the two numbers get as – 5  and multiply -6 . The numbers are (x -6 ) (x +1) S0 2x2-5x – 3 =[(2x -6) (2x +1) ] / 2 Taking 2 common we get [2(x-3) (2x+1)] / 2 So (x-3) (2x+1) are the answers  
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fine dude
Hey the method you used is fine. And i don'rt want anyone to do in my way. I am saying you have done mistake. Your answers are generally good. So i thought you will figure out your mistake and correct it. you said the numbers are (x-6) and (x-1). I don't know how but i think -5x should be split as (-6x + x). And your final answer is wrong too.
hope you correct it soon.
ya thats true..
now the answer has modified

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2x² - 5x - 3
= 2x² - 6x + x - 3
= 2x(x-3) +1(x-3)

×-3 = -6 = -6×1)