classical         music 
Music takes a huge part in our lives. There are lots of different kinds of music and people listen it all the time. However people listen not every kind of music, for example,some prefer classical music, another rock music. Two different kinds of music, which have so many differences, but probably they have also some similarities. There are several questions about which I would like to talk, to find out how different and how similar those two kinds of music have. Why do people choose play classical or rock music? Which kind of audience they have? What' is more popular? Now, let's take aWhat are influence people to make a decision to play classical or rock music? Is it environment around them? Probably yes, family and friends take important part in a decision. If parents listen classical music, go to concerts with their child, there is a big chance that the child will like classical music and probably he will play any instrument.On another hand, friends who can have influence on decision about which kind music to listen. Child go to the school and at the University where he spend so much time with his mates, whose might not listen classical music at all. 
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Classical music can be defficult to get into. It varies in style and scope from thirteenth century Gregorian Chant to twenty first century Minimalism, from quaint little adivertiments to massive works, sometimes over an hour long. Classical music isn’t dying. I also say to all of you: some people will write bad articles, and that doesn’t signal the death of journalism, either. But for those of us who love the field, let’s think of more productive ways to marshall our intellectual resources than shooting fish in a barrel and congratulating each other about it afterwards. Indeed, such a vehement reaction looks suspiciously like protesting too much, and could lead an intelligent reader to suspect that the Slate article, poor as it is, might actually be onto something..