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Electricity is the most interesting subject and topic in Physical sciences.  

It involves a lot of science at the atomic level, and at macro level too.  Of course mathematics also plays very important role in he chapter for electricity.

Without electricity we would not have developed to this stage in the modern times.  We would have been still stuck with darkness in the night.  We could not make many products in factories and heavy industries.  It is impossible to think of life without electricity.

The mathematics, physics, laws and their applications all these are very interesting to learn.  They appear so logical and explained well in books.  We cannot but appreciate the scientists and engineers who made all that possible.  That is why electricity is the most important topic.  We learn so many inventive, creative, and design aspects of the inventions.  We cannot but be surprised to see all that history of electricity.

The story of electricity starts with the sub atomic particles - electrons and their flow in conductors and resistors.  We study their properties.  We study the basic electric circuit related quantities like Votalge, EMF, current, Resistance, switch etc.

We study further the Direct current batteries and circuits with DC.  We study alternating current afterwards.  We learn phenomenon like electromagnetic induction. we study real life elements like Inductance, Capacitance.  We study AC motor, transformer, AC generator and so on.

It is so interesting you see, as the world functions only when the invisible and perhaps the smallest particle "electron" runs along its path, and keeps on running.