Questions for Scouts & Guides Exam? Please help tomorrow is my exams and i havent completed notes as i was absent .Can anybody provide me at least 20 to 25 questions?

in which sopan u r ?????
hey,,,answer my question pls otherwise i have to give u questions of upto tritiya sopan
so pls answer
Tritya sopan


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Like,,,when scouting and guiding was started?
who started?
full name of lord vaden powel?
size of flag?
what is scout guide prayer?
who is the writer of this prayer?
what is the national anthem?
who had written the national anthem?
how much is the time limit to complete the anthem?
what are the rules of scout guide?
pledge of scouts?
all the 6 bp6?
and other questions i will give u later the comment section....hope this will help u friend...
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ur welcm frnd..and all the best for ur exams....vaise mai bhi abhi tritiya sopan pass ki hun...
Thank u
urs mst welcm frnd... ;)
n how ws ur exam,,,,how much marks u get..