science is a catagory of subjects.
it is combined of four subjects.the four subjects are are mathematics  , chemistry , biology and physics.
these subjects are very important to be studied.
the things or the lessons we study in these subjects is applied by us in our daily life.

we use maths in the shops to calculate price of items .
if we are nor aware of this subject then any one can cheat us .
we can avoid this by calculating the price on our own and this is pssible only if we know how to do addition , multiplicatication  , division , subtraction etc.

next comes the subject biology.
this subject is relation to the study of animals and plants , their structure , their habitat and their physical features.
we study the functions of different organs in animal and plant bodies.
this gives us a huge knowledge about our own bodies as well as other plant and animal bodies.
we can avoid in take of  food which we cannot digest.

the next is chemistry.
chemistry usually refers to chemicals .
we use chemicals almost everyday.
chemicals makes many things possible like the formation of cosmetics  ,fire extinguishers , fertilizers etc.
we can avoid diseases by the advanced medicines.

then comes the last subject , i.e , physics .
this subject contains , heat , measurement , light , electricity  , sound etc.
physics is more or less related to maths.
the calculations of physics can only be done if we know mathematics.
with the help of physics we can know how things and phenomenons are happening around us.

this in turn will lead to more development.the scientists are still in try to improve gadgets , form new medicines and improve the living conditions of the people on earth.the science is becoming more and more can be advanced further.some new diseases are occuring.the scientists are researching for the formation of new and powerful medicines that can cure these unknown disease.

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Science and technology play a great role in the development of any country. Without the knowledge of various things, development is not possible. And science helps us there. Different technologies which have been invented are already being used for the betterment of our societies. They are being used to modernise people and improve their life style.
   Development in medical science is one of the most important factor in the development of nation. It will help us in creating and preserving the precious human resource. Human resource are the most important resource for any country as without it, there is no development possible. Improvement in medicines and new advanced instruments has helped mankind to live longer.
   We have technologies to predict the weather. From this we are able to save millions of lives and properties. But they are generally not so accurate all the time. We should improve are technologies for better predictions so that we can take precaution to effectively minimise the losses. 
  Another important factor in development of a nation is economy. The economy of a country depends upon the natural resources available in that country. But if we use our resources in a judicious and environment friendly way, the availability of resources won't matter much. If our methods are economical, then the development will be very fast. For that to happen, we need more and more research.
  Energy problem is a worldwide issue. Almost every country of the world is facing this problem. We need to exploit the renewable sources of energy in a effective way and preserve the non-renewable sources. As the renewable sources are clean and environment friendly, if we can tap the power of sources like solar and wind energy, not only the development of our country will achieve a peak, we will be doing the whole mankind a favour. 
  For all these to happen, we should first provide proper infrastructure to our country's youth for their research thirst and support and motivate them so that they don't need to go to another country. As the future of our nation is in their hands and they could get our nation to more advanced levels than what it is today.
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