Science is a subject that is constantly growing. I am the kind of person who is curious. My brain is always growing with knowledge. Since, I was young I have always had an interest in the animals I saw in the woods, or the fish I saw in the lake. I wanted to watch them live and see what they do. Biology is a science that is the study of life. Life itself is an ever-changing thing. New things can be learned every day. New species can form any second. In my brain, new things can be learned and new ideas can be formed. Science has always been and interest to me because of the never ending knowledge. By being interested in biology as a young girl I have gained more knowledge than a person who just began learning. As a kid, I used to ask my parents to buy all of the science books at book fairs they would have at school. I would want the mini labs that they would demonstrate like digging for dinosaur bones in sand. I looked forward to learning more. Throughout middle school, I longed to get into high school so I could learn more. The science classes in middle school were too simple for me. They were very slow moving and I just wanted to learn as much as I could. When high school started I got into the biology course as a freshman even though it was a sophomore level class. I waited for that class to come every day because I knew that biology was the branch of science that I enjoyed the most. While other kids were grossed out by the dissections of the squid or the frog I was pre-occupied with all of the new things to learn! For example, I was so excited to learn that the squid has a plastic-like spine. I wasn't the girl who was afraid of touching a dead frog. I didn't care. All I wanted to do was learn. To me, science is the most important subject. It is always expanding. In science, new things are discovered every day. I am the kind of person who wants to know all of the new things. I am interested in science because it is by far the most exciting thing to learn about.