I am able to understand each and everything that my science teacher teaches me. my teacher also teach new facts and some interesting facts also related with the topic. my teacher also teach that how to be very creative in science. my teacher uses different methods to make us understand…hope it will help you.. ;)
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Firstly, I find Science Class interesting because I love science!!Science is a really entuastic and curious subject. We kids die for Science! Science also provides us practical tools so that we can understand our surroundings and our skills.In my life, I've learned a huge number of facts about various different topics.Science is an expert when it comes to critical thinking(HOTS), solving matters(or problems) and mostly helps you in creativty! Us, kids need more opportunities to learn and love science. If we are lucky, we might be the next Einstein or maybe Newton! We all our inspired by Mother Earth.

 It's not only about the fact of Science but even about our school. My teachers are well-educated and experienced when it comes to Science. Theyexplain topics clarly and take no time to clear all our basic doubts. I have to admit it.I'm clearly impressed with my stunning teacher.Our textbooks are interesting and they provide educational pictures relevant to the topic. Ever Wednesday, our teacher usually helds a quiz in which we are divided into teams and have to answer questions of Science. I usually make my team win as I am really enthusiastic when it comes to Science. 
I would like to conclude by saying, Science is my favourite subject and helps in every single way!

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