My science class is interesting because it has a lot of fun and learning in one package.Physics helps me to increase my talent in assembling machines to make it work, chemistry is awfully good with those reactions and the natural happenings between nature.And at last, biology, god has made it so beautifully that its just impossible to miss it.
Science is fun.I like it because of this.
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My science class is interesting because science had led us to finding that give us what we are today. Infact without today we may not have electricity which would mean no mobile, internet, Facebook etc.. we would not have fridges to keep fresh foods inside, television to entertain etc.. A world without science means that we would be still living in a very difficult way to that of what we live today. Today science has influenced so many things that trying to list them all would mean that this page could go on forever. Life is dull without science. So only science is very interesting for me..