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Science classes provide students with essential skills and knowledge for success in later life. Many students find science extremely inspiring and interesting. Science instils a sense of intrigue and enables students to develop understanding and form questions based both on the knowledge they already have and the insight they wish to gain in the future.

Science provides practical tools for understanding everyday life. Science advances critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity in early learners.
 Science feeds a natural love for learning.
Science has led us to finding out things that give us what we have today.

 Science prepares for the future.Science is the basis for much of our life.A science education provides students of all ages with skills that apply in other fields as well, and help students succeed in all areas of life

.Without science, modern society would not be where it is today in terms of technology, exploration, and innovation. Science learning enables students to explore new ideas to benefit us all.

In science classes, students learn about the environment and the need for conservation efforts. They learn about endangered species and how to preserve them, about the history of evolution and extinction, and the importance of preserving wildlife.

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Because science has many interesting  information which we never heard in our day to day life and many interesting experiments are also there in science to do .....and we are curious creature we like to know how and why thins work and science gives us such answers and sometimes its like putting together a puzzle and needs a lot of work to get the answer - but you finally figure it out , there is a huge rush of endorphin....even i also feel science interesting ...